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  • The why and how of road pricing

    The climate emergency and rapidly approaching tipping point in the sales of new electric vehicles necessitate urgent action from the government. Road pricing is the only mechanism available that can both raise revenue and alter transport behaviours to reduce vehicle-miles.

  • solving the traffic problems of Cambridge, UK

    Many of these ideas are now being developed by the Smarter Cambridge Transport group, led by the author of this post. options to reject bus lanes/ways the Cambridgeshire Local Transport Plan and first phase of the City Deal transport initiatives contain some excellent, eminently worthwhile schemes, but the main solution that councils are proposing for…

  • driverless cars

    the introduction of driverless cars will be hugely disruptive, a revolution comparable to the introduction of computers, the Internet and mobile phones. it will make roads safer, taxis cheaper, and radically alter the built environment. but, just as computers made millions of pool typists redundant, so driverless cars will make millions of taxi and truck…