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  • The why and how of road pricing

    The climate emergency and rapidly approaching tipping point in the sales of new electric vehicles necessitate urgent action from the government. Road pricing is the only mechanism available that can both raise revenue and alter transport behaviours to reduce vehicle-miles.

  • 3D printing – a practical application

    I have a Fellowes PS60C-2 paper shredder. some months ago it stopped working, so I opened it up. that revealed a tooth on one cog had sheared off and shattered. a search online for spare parts yielded nothing for this relatively elderly model (over 16 years old, so not bad going). I could find a […]

  • Brexit has little to do with the EU

    updated 17 July 2017 in all the talk about hard/soft/clean/full/transitional Brexit, there is a dangerous assumption that it is a solution to problems the UK faces. it is in fact a huge distraction from what government really needs be concerned about: a growing crisis in housing supply, the NHS, social care, education and the Prison […]

  • EU Referendum

    Updated 7 August 2016: Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties eliminated as possible recourse. Updated 2 July 2016: article restructured; proposal simplified; information on Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties added; paragraph on election communications added. on 23 June 2016, disillusioned people across the United Kingdom voted to give government, Brussels, the Establishment […]

  • Remembrance Sunday

    as we prepare to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and -women in the two World Wars and later conflicts, we should perhaps also pause to remember the many other people who have made similar sacrifices with similar fortitude for the benefit of contemporary and future generations: doctors, nurses and […]